We all know the story of Balto: In the cold winter of 1925, an epidemic of diphtheria plagued a small town in Nome, Alaska. In a race against time to stop the infection, 20 mushers and over 100 sled dogs carried a shipment of serum over a thousand kilometers of freezing, treacherous Alaska wilderness.

Balto is often credited as the hero dog of the 1925 serum run to Nome (also known as The Great Race of Mercy)… but he was no more heroic than any other dog. He just happened to run the last 55 miles of the race.


In 2006, Neverwinter Nights 2 graced the world with its presence. It’d been rushed to release by Obsidian executives, so it had a lot of filler, bugs, and dangling plot threads.

But some good nuggets existed under the rough, and one was the planned love triangle between a female player character, and two of her male human companions Bishop and Casavir.

NWN2 is an examination of the Standard Hero’s Journey, and as such the player experiences every standard fantasy cliche: You’re an orphan from a small farming village, which is attacked by evil forces. You’re forced to go on the…

When the Player Character Commander Shepard appears in the opening scene of the first game, humanity has been part of the galactic community for about thirty years. They’ve gained far more socioeconomic power than many aliens who have been around longer, and are eager to gain more.

Most Mass Effect species have a shtick, and humanity’s is their ambition. This is a diplomatic way of saying “greedy, entitled bastards who won’t wait their turn like everyone else.”

The galactic community, under Citadel Council rule, consists of dozens of sapient aliens who seemingly contribute their individual resources to better the community…

It’s been a year since Knives Out released in theaters. One of the best films in recent history, it’s a strong indictment against the myth of the “self-made”
millionaire, as well as generational wealth, racism, and greed among white upper class families.

This is best exemplified by the Thromby family, who pride themselves on being “self-made,” despite financially depending on their patriarch, Harlan Thromby.

Harlan Thromby’s youngest son, Walt, stands out as the least “self-made” of his family… but in a particular way. …

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